Anonymous said: I'm always really curious what the nail bloggers look like behind the nails. Can you post a photo of you? Love ya!

okayyyy i guesssssss


BAM i’m a unicorn, bet you didn’t see that one coming!!!

  1. deluxe-digits said: hahaha awesome!
  2. justlivingnails said: LMAO is that really you just in a unicorn hat???? If soo, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want one!!!!!!!
  3. cindysnails said: That is pure awesome.
  4. nailcake said: Hahahaha.
  5. dressedupnails posted this
I'm Whitney. I'm 27. I paint my nails and then I take pictures of them and then I post those pictures on the Internet!

My blog lives at Please check my FAQ before asking questions :)

Email me at!

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