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Even though it sort of frightens and confuses me I finally caved and got a Twitter. A Twitter? Do you say that? Or just “I got Twitter”? UGH this is a very scary and complicated time for me so if you’d like to lend some support come follow me @dressedupnails and tell me how you work this newfangled thing all the kids are using these days.

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    JUST FOLLOWED YOU! I’m @JoeHasADog. Btw you’ll love twitter, it just takes a while of getting ok by used to and when you...
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  3. thenailphile said: It’s SO easy, there’s not much too it! People make it sound much more complicated than it actually is! You follow people and people follow you, which means you get each other’s tweets on a timeline .. and then you tweet whatever you want really!
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I'm Whitney. I'm 27. I paint my nails and then I take pictures of them and then I post those pictures on the Internet!

My blog lives at dressedupnails.com. Please check my FAQ before asking questions :)

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